Collaboration vs Competition

Over the last few months, conversations on Facebook seem to be surrounding the idea of collaboration.

Maybe I’ve been quite naive in my thinking previously or maybe I can blame my upbringing but I started this business with the view that other Virtual Assistants or Service Based Providers were my competition. People that I had to compete against to get the attention of my ideal clients.

Boy was I wrong!!

As a part-time administrator within the NHS, I have seen first hand the benefits of integrated working. Services working closely together to provide people with a more rounded, fulfilling and holistic service.

As a result of this learning, I have been doing extensive research into other service based providers, virtual assistants and other services that I could and/or have worked with over the years.

So in the name of collaboration, I have spoken to a number of these amazing providers and asked them to guest star in this new mini blog series to highlight how we work together to offer you the best possible service.

Over the next few months, I would like to introduce you to these amazing people and tell you about what they do, why they do it and how our services work together to offer you a great all inclusive service.

So let’s get the ball rolling!

My first guest is the wonderful Victoria Glass at Coded Vector.

Vicky is a Technical/Creative Virtual Assistant. When asking Vicky to guest star in this blog series, I asked her to explain exactly what she does and why she does it. This is what Vicky came back with:

“I help small businesses tackle their technical to-do list from websites to solution integrations. I also unleash my creative side by offering social media content creation too. It all started when I kept coming across websites and social platforms that didn’t do justice to the brands online presence.

At first I offered every service relating to websites and social media that I was skilled to do. I quickly learned the areas I didn’t enjoy, which helped me to streamline my offerings. I’m now able to bring other Virtual Assistants on board to fill the gap. It does take some getting used to, especially when you’re used to working alone. But it’s amazing when you find the ‘right fit’.”

Ladies like Vicky work so well within the services I offer myself. As much as I love to learn and pick things up really quickly, I know that I am not techy minded. So when my clients request the full package, I would never turn them away just because one aspect is not within my remit. I would turn to someone like Vicky to fill in the blanks.

Personally I do offer a social media package that includes creating posts, however, I don’t touch websites so if I have a client who wants to update or recreate their website for example and integrate it with their socials, I would simply contact Vicky. I could work with Vicky to get the updates completed and then create some posts to promote the updates, I could then use those posts throughout the clients socials.

If you’d like to contact Vicky directly for your website needs, feel free to follow her on Instagram, friend her on Facebook or visit her website.

As always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to let me know.

To ensure you don’t miss any future episodes of this mini series, simply fill out the enquiry form on my website and state Blog in the message box.

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