Level 1 – Facebook Advertising



  • 1 Campaign per month, 3 ads sets each and up to 9 adverts.
  • Professionally written and highly designed adverts
  • Excluding a Minimum Ad Budget of £500 month


Even before the internet existed, how would you promote your business? The simple answer is you pay for advertising and the same concept that exists online comes from two big platforms, Facebook and YouTube. Most business don’t even know that they have they own advertising platforms and this is where we come and help you get fully setup and to get your business to start making money.

But nothing works without a plan and in-depth research into your market and where the opportunities lie. When you purchase with us you will be working directly with the best on a weekly basis, helping you every step of the way including all the setups.

Which includes Facebook Pixel connection to multiple platforms, Aggregated Event Measurement Setup, Business Profile Setup, Custom Audience Setup, Retargeting Audience Setup (level 2), Lookalike Audience Setup (level 2), location targeting, detailed targeting, multiple adverts and winning or losing testing, power sales copy, highly designed adverts, amazing video templates with subtitles (level 2).